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Why do we love open rings so much? They are adjustable, which makes them wearable on different fingers. These rings are up for the task when your fingers swell or change sizes!


14K Gold Filled Open Ring (Please choose ring size for best starting fit)

**PLEASE NOTE: This patterned band is cut and formed to create each ring and therefore the patterns will vary with every ring.**

All of our handcrafted jewelry will have variations due to the nature of creating each piece by hand. This is what makes our pieces so unique and special.

Gold Filled (1/20 14K): Gold filled jewelry is composed of layers of pressure bonded solid gold (minimum of 5% of the items total weight) onto quality jeweler's brass. The outer layer of gold is 50-100 times THICKER compared to gold plated jewelry. It behaves a lot like solid gold without the hefty price tag. It is tarnish resistant and water friendly. With proper care, you will be able to enjoy these pieces for years to come!